for Medical B2B e-Commerce


In 2015, I worked on the design & implementation of a new e-Commerce B2B ordering website for a global pharmaceutical client. The client lacked critical e-Commerce capabilities (phone & fax were still the primary ordering methods) and was suffering steady revenue losses. They wanted to implement hybris, on top of their existing SAP solution, in order to match & leap-frog competitors.


During the initial design stages of the project, I designed wireframes using Axure (UX). After the UX work was completed, I remained on the project and shifted to an OCM (Office of Change Management) support role. In this new role, I conducted stakeholder analyses, designed a custom intranet sub-site for the project, and oversaw design of custom artwork. Additionally, I aided the Product Team by preparing all product imagery into hybris-appropriate criteria.


A pilot release went live in early 2016 at a South American country, followed by select countries across Asia & Europe; the project was completed in mid-2016.

This is the custom artwork that I helped with while working on this project. I also created some custom designs to be used in communications and trainings.

Please also check out my main role on this project: the user-experience (UX) wireframes and visual design.

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Unfortunately, for client-confidentiality purposes, any identifiable information has been blocked out. Please inquire to get more details.

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