Web Development
for Nightifi


In the fall of 2012, I attented a Startup Weekend get-together at Syracuse, NY. This is the sort of 48-hour dash hackathon, where strangers get together on a Friday night, work on fresh projects they find interesting, and deliver a final pitch by Sunday. I joined in with 4 others to create what would later be known as Nightifi.


My contribution to the team was design & development skills. After we brainstormed through major user tasks, I created high-fidelity mocks and applied UX principles on-the-go. I also created a single-page website to act as a landing page for introducing our app-idea.


Our team placed 3rd in the Startup Weekend competition. We also received heavy praise for our highly-refined visuals and clear & simple direction.

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Please inquire to get more details.

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