Web Development
Kara Safak, a Novel


In the summer of 2004, at age 15, I penned a fictional novel set in a fantasy world. As an avid fan of fantasy novels, I was inspired by the countless books I had read through my childhood. This project was solely for personal reasons - I did not have any intentions such as profiting financially from publishing it or using it as eye-candy for my college applications.


The book was only distributed personally by me to friends & family; however, years later I realized I could publish it as an E-Book and essentially immortalize it. In doing so, I've made it available on various retailers like iTunes Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, etc. and wanted to create a website that can provide these links in a central location.


I designed this simple website, and was inspired by an old design from the Growl (a critical Mac app prior to the native OS notification center) website.
Unfortunately for some, both the text on the website and the book itself is in Turkish (which I happen to speak natively since I spent my childhood in Turkey).

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Keep in mind that back in early 2010's skeuomorphic design was the strongest prominent design trend. Please inquire to get more details.