Video Production
"Venatio", a Short Film


In 2007, I participated in a small film contest hosted at my school. I grouped with 5 others to create this short movie. My best friend (the blonde guy playing "Mr. Tiger") helped me write the script. Major influences for the movie were Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.


Both of us were huge Tarantino fans, so we decided to pay homage and employ his characteristic styles: altering the story-timeline, codenames for the characters, low-angle shots, a dictionary-definition opener, and music from his movies.


In the competition, we placed #3 overall for "Best Film", but we managed to win #1 for "Best Poster".

This was a very exciting project for me, because it was the first time I designed a poster and used Vegas to edit a short film.


A mysterious crime queen tasks 4 strangers to work as a team and retrieve a computer chip; however, the henchmen are all interested in eliminating each other and claiming the reward money for their own.

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Here is the poster for this short film. Please inquire to get more details.

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