Email Marketing
Vertical Solutions, Inc.


As the Marketing Design Manager at Vertical Solutions, I was a one-man army of everything marketing - which also included e-mail marketing. When I started, I took over a client list over 60,000 contacts and no prior email templates.


I created a new corporate template using all custom-code HTML - such that it could provide a single cohesive branding and be flexible enough to broadcast various different content. I used my Photoshop skills to design intricate entertaining body imagery for the emails, and employed my Marketing education to write engaging copy to drive click-throughs. I also automated the contact list to pull/push data from Outlook and Constant Contact and sync with the Microsoft Access database; I used complex VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code that utilized Excel also to filter and remove duplicate values.


The company experienced the height of success in terms of email communications. My improvements increased email open rates by 8% and click-through by 3%, while also adding in thousands of new contacts to our list and generating new sales leads. At various shows, our sales-people heard through the grapevine the explosive viral success of the new, funny, interesting emails I've created.

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Keep in mind that back in early 2010's skeuomorphic design was the strongest prominent design trend. Please inquire to get more details.

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