UX Design & Web Development
for Operational Analytics Platform


In 2016, I worked on the UX design & front-end development for an operational analytics platform. The platform would be installed on top of existing e-Commerce/ERP systems and would generate real-time reporting capabilities. The output would be essential for any Fortune 500 executive to (1) ensure sustained performance and (2) pinpoint focus areas for improvement.


I was brought in to the project to provide UX guidance and finalize the front-end HTML. I took over a semi-functional barebones code, and ended up creating the style guide & color schemes, validifying & correcting the pull/push requests, and designing much of the reporting charts & diagrams. An early iteration for our sandbox environment utilized JSON.


The design & functionality was received with high praise and immediately put in use for demos & sales pitches. I rolled off this project upon finishing my tasks, since any further individualization/customizations for a given client were meant to be done by the implementation team servicing them.

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Unfortunately, for client-confidentiality purposes, any identifiable information has been blocked out. Please inquire to get more details.

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