UX Design
for Internal Task Marketplace


In early 2015, I was part of a very-limited team of 8, that worked on a new internal initiative: creating a "task marketplace" where all employees across the nation could post & view tasks and hopefully find others to help them. I was recruited into the team to provide assistance with design, UX, and some front-end development.


Initially, I've provided multiple sets of ideation mocks while the team presented their business case to the governing local executive group. Later, prior to presenting to the national board, I re-created the slide deck to make it visually & aesthetically more pleasing for the panel. Additionally, once the project was green-lit, I've helped with UX guidance, aided with the official name selection process, designed multiple sets of logos, and produced the pilot-release introductory video.


Eventually, the team grew slightly to around 20 active members; we acquired green-light to officially prooced with development. The project is still in-progress and will hopefully become the firm's go-to tool for finding all sorts of tasks and resources.

This is the pre-final UX work I've done on this project.

You can also see the early ideation desktop and mobile mocks. Unfortunately, I can't disclose the final designs or the officially-adopted project name.

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Unfortunately, for client-confidentiality purposes, any identifiable information has been blocked out. Please inquire to get more details.

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