Heuristic UX Analysis
for a Major Educational Institute


In 2015, I provided heuristic UX analysis for a major educational institution. The client team originally recruited a senior solution engineer to complete the heuristics analysis but the end product & findings did not align with the expectations.


At that point I was able to come in and provide assistance with more than a dozen recommendations, such as: how to reorganize the site to support its growing needs, how to employ responsive HTML best-practices, and how to best present content.
I illustrated the recommendations via ideation mocks.


The client deliverable was extremely well received and exceeded the stakeholder expectations. I facilitated the live meeting review of the analysis with the client which included one of Assistant Vice Presidents and the Communications Director. The initial analysis led to a second pro bono request to complete another heuristics analysis for a different sub-site, which then played a key role helping us acquire more new work.

Later, I created an animated video to capture and display the progress of the transformation project and helped the client team implement a Twitter card onto the website.

Visual Gallery

Here are the samples from this work. Unfortunately, for client-confidentiality purposes, any identifiable information has been blocked out. Please inquire to get more details.

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